Tailored Training and Support for Agri-PDBs

The Agri-PDB Platform offers tailored training based on the strengths and weaknesses of its members. In this trainings, structural and thematic support will be provided according to the typology’s groups. This will help members to better understand the challenges and opportunities of the global market, as well as develop the skills and capabilities needed to take advantage of the opportunities. It will also provide access to resources and experts to help members to develop their skills.

Comprehensive Structural Training for Agri-PDBs

As part of the structural training, the Platform cover governance (policy dialogue), resources, Management information systems (MIS), risk management, service quality, human resources, organizational, standards, and ESMS systems, as well as accountability. At an intermediate level, the training will focus on Quality of services, Improved ESMS, Mandates and Instruments for Political Dialogue (plus resources) and Providing support for the digitization of processes. In the advanced level, the structural training will include political dialogue mandates and instruments (including TA), as well as support for the digitalization of processes. The advanced level will also include training on performance management and assessment, as well as support for the implementation of the new strategy.

Focused Thematic Training for Agri-PDBs

For the thematic training, topics will include social targeting, adaptation to climate change, water management, soil health, resilience, alignment with Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement, biodiversity, and access to green funds (strategic project), and impact measurement. The training sessions will be tailored to the specific needs of each country and will involve a combination of virtual and in-person instruction. Participants will also have access to online tools and resources to help them implement the topics.