News 2nd Working Group on Agroecology transition

2nd Working Group on Agroecology transition

Continuing our collaboration with AFD, AGRA, ALIDE, and APRACA, we will hold the next working group meeting of the Agricultural Public Development Bank’s Platform for Green and Inclusive Food Systems next week. During this session, we will demonstrate the viability of agriculture public development banks financing the transition to agroecology, as well as the ways in which they can incorporate agroecology into their operations.

How PDBs can facilitate the transition to Agroecology

This workshop will be enhanced by informative presentations from our PDB partners; ADBC China, Banco Agricola Dominican Republic, NABARD India, Horus, and IFAD agroecology team, as well as discussions and in-depth exchanges between participants and platform partners.

Considering the different geographical position, we are organizing two sessions to facilitate member participation:

  • The session on the 5th of June at 10:00 Rome tine (CEST) will be devoted to African, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries in English and French.
  • The session on the 6th of June at 17:00 (CEST) will be devoted to Latin American and Caribbean countries in Spanish and English.

PDB platform team look forward to seeing you at one of the working group meetings!