News 47th ADFIAP Annual Meetings: The role In Sustainable Finance Ecosystem

47th ADFIAP Annual Meetings: The role In Sustainable Finance Ecosystem

Adama Mariko (Secretary General of Finance in Common) shared the latest progress made by the FiCS Agri-PDB Coalition within the Agricultural Public Development Banks Platform for Green and Inclusive Food Systems.

ADFIAP, and the Agricultural Public Development Bank Platform discusses collaboration to boost agricultural finance

To enhance agricultural finance and advance sustainable development, the Agricultural Public Development Bank Platform and ADFIAP met to explore potential collaborations. This exchange marked a significant step forward in fostering synergy between two major players in agricultural sustainability and sustainable development.

The encounter aimed to finding common interests and ways to work together to increase the financial support for agricultural projects. The main focus was on making these projects more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive for everyone involved in the agricultural ecosystem.

Empowering Green Finance: Agri-PDB Platform Joins Pacific Inception Workshop for Sustainable Development organized by ADFIP

The Agri-PDB Platform participated in the Inception Workshop on Greening the Pacific Financial Systems Programme, which was organized by Association of Development Financing Institutions in the Pacific (ADFIP), Agence Français de Développement AFD, and The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI).

This workshop aims to facilitate a collective discussion among development financing institutions regarding challenges and opportunities as they undergo transformation to promote climate finance, as well as learn about the work of development partners in green financing with local financial institutions.

The expected outcomes of the inception workshop are co-construction and agreement among national development banks on the program’s priority activities, a year-round implementation plan, endorsement of the communications strategy, theory of change, log-frame, and indicators as well as advocacy of the governance structure for the program.