News Showcasing the ABC-MAP tool by FAO

Showcasing the ABC-MAP tool by FAO

In the first demonstration session of the ABC-Map, Banco Agrario de Colombia, El Fondo para el Financiamiento del Sector Agropecuario (FINAGRO), Malawi Agriculture, Industrial Investment Corporation (MAIIC) and Fideicomisos Instituidos en Relación con la Agricultura (FIRA) participated. ABC-Map team will be hosting additional demonstration sessions.


What is ABC-MAP?

ABC-MAP is a tool developed by the FAO to support agricultural financing and investment. It aims to streamline and enhance the process of funding agricultural projects, making it easier for financial institutions and stakeholders to assess and manage risks, as well as to identify investment opportunities in the agricultural sector.

Participation in the Demonstration Session

During the demonstration session, representatives from the participating organizations had the opportunity to explore the functionalities and benefits of ABC-MAP. The session provided insights into how the tool can be utilized to optimize agricultural financing, improve risk management, and foster investment in the sector.

Future Sessions

The ABC-MAP team will be hosting additional demonstration sessions in the future to further showcase the capabilities and potential of the tool. These sessions will offer financial institutions, agricultural organizations, and other stakeholders the chance to learn more about ABC-MAP and how it can be integrated into their operations to support and promote sustainable agricultural development.


The introduction of ABC-MAP by the FAO represents a significant advancement in agricultural financing and investment. By providing a comprehensive and user-friendly tool, the FAO aims to facilitate the financing of agricultural projects, promote investment in the sector, and ultimately contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture worldwide. Keep an eye out for upcoming demonstration sessions hosted by the ABC-MAP team to learn more about this innovative tool and its potential impact on the agricultural sector.